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Work often needs to be approved by managers and directors in every organization before it can formally begin or move to the next step. Approval processes are standardized within companies to dictate how the submitted work should be approved and rejected.

However, these processes are slow and filled with delays when they are not created and optimized accurately. While most organizations are starting to digitize approval processes, they still aren’t actively automating these processes, which can lead to decreased productivity and efficiency.

Approval Process Elements

Submission documents:- The submission documents can be anything that needs to be approved, whether its an invoice, a purchase quote, or any other internal document.

Approvers:- The approvers are the ones who decide whether the submitted documents should be approved or rejected. In case your process has various levels of approval, then it’s important to decide who approves the documents first.

Examples of approval processes used by organizations

With the right approval processes in place, you can quickly review each deliverable and get approvals more quickly. The type of approval process you create will depend on the deliverables and the departments you are dealing with.

Before approving an invoice, the accounting department needs to verify a series of parameters. In this case, the approval process can have a checklist that can be used to make sure all the necessary parameters including invoice number, price, date, and payment terms are reviewed before the invoice is cleared. The form may go through a workflow including the purchasing, finance, and those actually receiving the goods or services.

Managing operational budgets are an important part of the company's function. Once the budget proposal is completed, it needs to be vetted by a series of executives before being accepted and implemented. A budget approval involves passing the budget through various filters, departments, and approvers, making the appropriate changes, and ensuring the budget aligns with the objectives and demands of the organization.

Design is probably the first thing customers notice when interacting with a brand. Marketing teams need to ensure their logos, graphics, ads, merchandise, and everything else is designed and packaged properly in accordance to the design standards and guidelines. A design approval encapsulates every stage a design goes through from initial drafting, change management, brand scrutiny, marketing approvals, and final management vetting. This is a sophisticated process since every iteration requires the graphic designer to rework the product and reinitiate approvals.

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