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NDT Certification schemes are evolving faster due to demand for skilled inspectors. ISO 9712 is an international standard released from International Organization for Standardization(ISO). This standard provides requirements for non-destructive testing (NDT) personnel training and certification. It is intended to ensure that NDT personnel have the adequate knowledge and skills to perform their job functions competently.

NDT Level II certifications as per ISO9712 Standard.

Unlike employer based SNT TC 1A scheme, ISO9712 certification is a third party certification. Offered by an accredited institute as per ISO17024. Due to increased use of ISO standards, demand for this scheme is increasing. Engineering material supplies to European origin companies needs NDT personnel to be certified to ISO9712. This standard evaluates and documents the competence of inspectors.

Also as per Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, demand for Level II certified inspectors is quite high. Our courses helps inspectors to upgrade their NDT certifications to this international standard

Trinity NDT is a Training Partner for TWI (India) Pvt Ltd Chennai for ISO9712 training courses. We organize programs at our NDT testing center in Bangalore, India. Check below details and for any assistance contact us.

There are basically 4 categories or Levels of NDT Technician certification. Each has specific requirements for Formal Training, Test Scores and OJT Hours outlined in the document. Companies following this document are basically working to industry Codes related to aircraft, Aerospace, Aviation Repair, Maintenance, etc.

The requirements of this document are a bit more stringent than those of ASNT or ASME.

Procedure For ISO9712 Training

The ISO 9712 certification procedure involves formal class room training, practical hands-on practice, and examination. The certification is designed to verify that an individual has a thorough understanding of the relevant NDT techniques. After successful training, Level 2 Certified personnel can perform tests and interpret the results.

Being one of the widely acceptable standard, ISO 9712 certification is respected in the NDT industry. It is often a requirement for NDT personnel working in critical industries such as aerospace, automotive, and nuclear power.

ISO 9712 certification is valid for five years, after which time the individual must undergo recertification. This ensures that NDT personnel are up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies in the industry.

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