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Established a unique welding lab equipped with Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Spot Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Gas Welding and Oxy-Acetylene Cutting machines with the facilities like manifold gas piping system and fume extraction system for safe working environment at 18 independent work stations which spreads over 5300 sqft. SRATI also offers Welding training in different metals like Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Titanium. Foundation and advanced welding courses are conducted in Gas Welding, Brazing, Oxy-Acetylene welding & Cutting, Hard Facing, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Flux Core Arc Welding and Spot Welding Process.

Welding Technician Training

Rashtriya Technical Institute (RTI) trained all over India students like- Jharkhand, Bihar, Patna, kolkata, Maharashtra, Jamshedpur, MP, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, West Bengal etc. We also offer a 6 Months arc and tig (argon) 6G welding technician certification training course, with total fees of Rs 37500 in one time for arcand tig (argon) 6G welding technician training program. After completing the arcand tig (argon) 6G welding technician training program to get the certificate, the student is ready to join the industry as an 6G welding technician apprenticeship


An overview covering gas welding, electric arc welding including stick and MIG processes. Students learn techniques and make at least one piece. Learn shop safety, hand tools, equipment, cutting and methods for finishing. Great foundation for welding.

All safety gear is included, however, students are welcome to bring their own ANSI-approved safety glasses/face shields, welding hoods (minimum Shade 9), and gloves.

Students should wear durable closed-toe leather shoes, non-frayed jeans, a long sleeve natural fiber shirt, an old cap or bandana and tie back long hair.

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