Welcome to Satyakiran School of NDT!

Since 1990, Satyakiran School of NDT, a unit of Satyakiran Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is conducting personnel training and certification programs. Trainers are industry’s most highly qualified, experienced and distinguished experts.

Satyakiran School of NDT is one of the best NDT training schools in India and rated among the top 5 NDT training institutions in the world. We are accredited by the National Certification Board (NCB) of India for conducting ISNT NDT Level-I and Level-II trainings in various methods as per IS 13805 (2004). We also conduct trainings as per ASNT document SNT-TC-1A, CP-189, ISO 9712, EN 473, NAS 410 and other standards needed by the customer.

We provide all trainings under one roof:                                                                                                                   NDT Level-I, Level-II and Level-III as per ASNT documents SNT-TC-1A (2011) and CP 189, EN 473, ISO 9712, NAS 410, EN 4179, ISO/ TR 25107 .

Our Corporate vision is to promote NDT tourism in India by providing value for money through simple solutions to difficult problems. We will automatically enter the wealth-generating spiral and lead our nation to glory!

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